Basic Proofreading/Copyediting


$2.00 per page
 or $320.00 flat fee (when combined with at least 2 other services)

Proofreading, sometimes called Copyediting, is the last step of the manuscript preparation process, correcting the manuscript so that it conforms to generally accepted industry guidelines.

Proofreading or Copyediting consists of reading a document to find technical errors and mark corrections.

This includes checking your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and subject-verb agreement. (Chicago Manual of Style is used, unless otherwise specified.)

This is an excellent resource for confident, experienced writers who just need a second set of eyes for tweaking before submission or publishing.

Basic proofreading is ideal for ALL types of writing. However, your proofreader will not alter the writing through modification or organization as provided in other editorial services such as Content Editing or Developmental Editing.


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I just wanted to let you know that Donald and I feel that you are a God send and that it was nothing but God that directed me to your website. We are pleased with your performance, you are a woman of integrity and you stand behind your work. We are excited and, happy to have met you. Your work is ve…

Querida Jordan

It’s true that the best things in life are free. During our phone conversation you gave me more information than Google. I appreciated your directness and giving me the push to become not only a better writer but publisher. I look forward to our future business success. Thank again!!

It is my pleasure to openly thank my mentor Mary McBeth. She puts forth well in excess of the price of the paid work by providing priceless advice, attention, support and her knowledge of the business. Without any doubt she has also been a constant motivator and I can’t wait to continue with “ou…

Christina Lou, author of Was it Worth It!

Through my consultation from Mary McBeth, I have been transformed from a writer into a full fledged artist. Her uncanny ability to connect to me and my work is represented two fold: by her affirmation of my vision as well as the customized plan for me of the promotion and marketing of my book. After…

Danielle Cooper, author of Love’s Twisted Lessons
Angel Mechelle Another Woman's Husband 2

Wow!! I am impressed. Thank you for the notes also. I really would like to work more with you. I’m still working on AWH2, but I should be finished soon. Please look to hear from me soon. *It is so true…You get what you pay for!

Angel Mechelle, author of Another Woman's Husband
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