We’re alot different than most other graphic design, marketing and web development companies in that we don’t give you an hourly rate and then leave you in the dark about how many hours you’re going to have to pay for developing your project. We appreciate that in today’s economy businesses want to know total cost before they decide to become customers. We offer the following Book services to Urban Novelists and Publishers, all at Flat Rate prices:


* Web Development

* Graphic Design

* Internet Marketing

* Printing Services


If you send us your detailed project specifications we will be more than happy to provide you with a flat rate price.

Founded by marketing entrepreneur, consultant, editor and webmaster Mary McBeth, UrbanFictionMedia.com is a team collaboration of top industry professionals in Urban Fiction, Book Marketing and Web Design, working together to create the ultimate self-publishing experience for African American Authors.

Together we offer top quality services under one roof under a mission to provide independent Black Authors with the highest quality self publishing and marketing services to compete with work produced by larger more established traditional publishing houses.



It is my pleasure to openly thank my mentor Mary McBeth. She puts forth well in excess of the price of the paid work by providing priceless advice, attention, support and her knowledge of the business. Without any doubt she has also been a constant motivator and I can’t wait to continue with “our” next projects. We have more work to do. Thank you for everything!

Christina Lou, author of Was it Worth It!
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